Frequently asked Questions About REALQualified

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get from clients about what we do here at REALQualified. We thought we’d compile a few of them here.

1: How is REALQualified Different From Lead Generation?

Typical lead generation puts you and your brand in front of people hoping to capture their attention at just the right moment in their buying or selling journey, at which point your prospect fills in their email & phone number and sends it through. From there, it’s your responsibility to consistently follow up with the leads in order to nurture them to the point of sale. The difficulty many of our clients face with lead generation is they either don’t like the rejection they face when calling these leads and/or don’t have the time to properly nurture them, thus wasting thousands of dollars in marketing on people who never convert.

With REALQualified, the process is simple: we make the calls you don’t have time to make so that you’re ONLY speaking to people who are ready to take the next step, and ready to do so with you. We take prospects through an in-depth qualification process that includes timeline, motivation (financial, emotional, or otherwise), next steps, and whether or not they already have a Realtor. The true beauty of our qualification process is that it’s completely customizable so that you know exactly what to expect every time we send you a REALQualified prospect.

2: What Are the Secondary Benefits of Using REALQualified?

While our primary goal is to book highly vetted listing opportunities for our clients, there are so many benefits that are occurring in the background of our service!

  1. Brand Awareness: while typical marketing and lead generation puts your brand in front of the homeowners once or twice, our diallers are calling your prospective clients over and over again, keeping your brand directly in their ear.


  2. Relationship Building: a lot of marketing puts your information in front of people, but does very little to build a connection. And, afterall, Real Estate is all about building relationships.


  3. List of Prospects: real estate agents pay thousands of dollars to build up a list of homeowners with name, email, phone number, and address. When you sign up with REALQualified, your Prospecting Specialist will create a list with you and provide you with that list before the calls even start! Many of our clients add this list of contacts to their drip campaigns, mail campaigns, and other marketing efforts they have running.

  4. Pipeline Building: while we work hard to get our clients prospects who are ready to go right now, our service is not all about instant gratification. REALQualified strives not only to provide high quality opportunities ASAP, but to set you up for success and build your pipeline 6, 12, 18, and even 24 months out. To keep a consistent flow of business, you need a consistent flow of prospecting. Let us future proof your business and do the prospecting for you.

You’re not using circle prospecting just to get leads. As an agent, you must remember that you might not always get leads immediately. The point of circle prospecting is for homeowners to think of you the second they need someone to help them sell or buy a house. To be that person, you must put in the time, effort, and money to become familiar with them and appear capable.

3: How Long Until I Get My First Appointment?

Some of our clients see results within their first round of calls, however the majority of our clients don’t start to see results right away. Like anything else, great results take time. Something we like to remind our clients of is that this is not lead generation so it does not provide an immediate flow of leads. We are cold calling, and cold calling takes time and a heck of a lot of work. See your term through. The results will come. Trust the process and spend your time doing what you do best.

4: Where Are My Diallers Located?

While many ISA services outsource their diallers overseas, every single one of your calls made by your REALQualified team are done in-house. Our headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada where all of our Client Success Representatives are located! Rest assured, each one of your calls is being made by North-America based, native english speakers!

Note: thanks to our partnership with Verizon & AT&T, the calls we make show up as a localized area code on your prospects phone.

5: What Does This Cost?

While REALQualified can find a program that works with most budgets, we certainly aren’t the cheapest option on the block. We subscribe heavily to the adage “you get what you pay for” in the service industry!

Our costs are highly variable and based on the area we’re calling, the potential return on investment, the frequency and quantity of the calls made, and more. Book a time to see how we can help!

6: Why Don’t You Work on a Referral Fee Structure?

If you’re reading this FAQ and wondering the same thing, we have the answer. While Real Estate agents come from so many different walks of life, so too does their ability and confidence to close the appointments we set. Over the years, we’ve found so much more success with agents who can close their listing appointments than those who struggle to seal the deal. While we offer coaching to help those agents, the return on investment for those who are able to close is tremendously higher than us taking a large cut of every deal. We believe that you did the closing, so you deserve the commission!

7: How Many Agents Do You Work With Per Area?

Since we are prospecting for our agents, it would be a conflict of interest to call the same people representing different agents. For that reason, we only partner with one agent in every community/zip code/market. Book a call to find out if your target market is available!

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