Convert Your Existing Leads.

Convert your existing leads into more business without spending a dollar more on real estate lead generation.

Stop wasting time calling non-qualified leads. We will qualify your leads for you so that you only talk to buyers and sellers looking to talk to a real estate professional right now. 

REAL Estate Agents

As a busy real estate agent, if any of the scenarios below sound familiar to you, you would love what REALQualified has to offer.

You start generating leads but you don’t have time to follow up with them after 72 hours (if they do not pick up).

You start talking to potential prospects looking to buy or sell in the future but fail to follow up with them - only to find they listed or bought with another agent.

You secretly wish you had someone who knows your local market and converts these leads into booked appointments by following up with them consistently.

Your database for your real estate business is piling up but you spend most of your time servicing clients.

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What Our Clients Say

We work with the best real estate agents across Ontario.

Tina P Review of REALQualified
After a year of Silas following up with me to get my business and keeping his word every time, I thought if he can do that for my business, sign me up.

I’m an instant communicator and really appreciate the quick responses I get from Silas any time I have questions or need info. Always responsive, helpful and effective.

The friendly, knowledgeable team paid for themselves almost right away. I especially appreciate the monthly reports I get from them; always keeping me in the loop and helping me maintain an out of control database.
Tina Parker
REALTOR® Keller Williams Select Realty
Hans P Review of REALQualified
I signed up for REALQualified because I was looking for an assistant & a better way to follow up with my leads.

After shopping around with 5 different companies, REALQualified was the only one who was consistently following up with me & was consistently calling/emailing/texting me once a week for a whole month!

While the other companies went cold, they were the only ones who stayed put which is exactly the type of follow-up I want for my leads. My advice to other agents, take the plunge & get set up right away.
Hans Perkasa
Real Estate Agent, EXP REALTY
Chris P Review of REALQualified
I’ve been working with REALQualified for several months. They have adapted their procedures to suit what I am looking for and is actively scrubbing all of our website leads. They are very responsive and the feedback I’ve received from their efforts have helped me refine my marketing strategies.

This service is invaluable. I do not want to call leads to find the good ones, nor do I have the time to. As a broker, it is also the perfect service to offer my agents. I provide high quality, qualified leads to them and charge a higher brokerage split as a result. They are happy because they are selling and I’m happy because the brokerage is profitable.

I should also mention this is the 4th company I’ve attempted to use for this service. The previous three fell short, but now I feel like I have a reliable partner.

REALQualified has been excellent, I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Chris P.
Broker/Owner, HaliPad Real Estate Inc.

why you'll love us

3 reasons why real estate agents and brokers love REALQualified for converting their leads into customers



Real human beings following up with your database with local market knowledge.

The number one reason why real estate professionals generate appointments with prospective buyers and sellers with us is because your prospects are contacted by real humans who specialize in real estate. 

Unlike bots and other automation tools, real human connection is key when you are trying to build a relationship with your prospect and this is what seperates us from the rest of the competition. 

We work alongside our agents to create custom trailored outreach strategies to generate the best possible results. 

Deliver Detailed Reports


We deliver detailed reports on how we nurture your database to find prospects ready to talk to you.

We Free Up Your Time


We free up your time so that you can just focus on meeting prospects, closing deals and servicing your clients in order to grow your business

We all know that as a real estate agent your core focus should be to meet clients and prospects and help them with their real estate needs. As agents get busier, one of the main thing most of them complain about is lack of time. Well, we have a different take on that. It’s not the lack of time that’s the issue, it’s how you are using your time every single day that determines your gross commissions at the end of the year. 

We take care of your prospecting so that you can focus on what you do best. 

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