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If you know you should be prospecting NEW opportunities OUTSIDE of your database, but you’re sick of the typical lead generation and online marketing, let’s talk about how our North-America based call team can generate new listing appointments for you in your target market.

Lead Follow-Up

We manage your busy schedule by contacting your database at your preferred frequency to set REALQualified appointments. We handle the follow-up calls, allowing you to focus on your current clients and personal life, without relying solely on email drip campaigns. Let us take care of the heavy lifting for you!

Appointment Setting

In the bustling landscape of property sales, a single call can mean the start of your next big break. We ensure that every call is calculated to be more than just talk, but a gateway to your next success.
There are thousands of lead generation methods around. What makes us different? Book a call to find out!

Circle Prospecting

Here’s the bottom line: we are the best at what we do. Why? Because we live it. As a team who trains every morning, we are a first hand testimonial of the effects of consistently training your team.
Can your team handle more sales? Can your team handle a daily training regimen? Call us.

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What Our Clients Say

We work with the best real estate agents. Here’s what some say about us.

We've gotten leads right out of the gate who, when we called them, they were expecting the call and they were happy to talk to us and all of them scheduled appointments and that's very unusual.

I think the real reason I signed up is he sent me an example. The people sounded like they were from Colorado or from our area. It was just a really great script and I thought it would work, and I didn't think I could get my agents to do it. So now I just want more
Amy Smits
Broker/Owner, eXp Realty
Nobody wants to pick up the phone anymore. And that's one thing that I, I do pretty well, but I don't want to do it either anymore. So I see value in somebody else going and taking a bunch of time and calling people. And this is my lazy way of chasing the carrot, of having somebody else do it for me, and I just know that me not picking up the phone and calling a hundred people a day is is leaving a lot of money out of my pocket.

I've already had a couple of listing appointments and I sold the first weekend for 50,000 over asking, cash! So that alone will likely pay for the year and I'm sure I'll get enough business out of it to more than pay for itself. And just the database alone, I think is a good value, because I've added 3000 people to my Excel spreadsheet.
James Burnham
Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker Prime Properties
I got results immediately, like the same day. Within 24 hours, I had my first connection. I got a listing out of the deal and immediately like first contact.

I got word through the grapevine that this multi-million dollar house was about to come on the market. So I called Christian from Real Qualified, he tracked down the owner and he called on my behalf and warmed him up for me. So I've already been in contact with them and it's cool. It's honestly like a dream come true.
Traci Poteet
Real Estate Agent, RE/MAX
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How we prospect for you

Over 50 years of combined sales experience. We will get you REALResults.

Step #1

Our AI systems search your target market for likely-sellers based on market rates, ownership info, and mortgage terms.

Step #2

Our in-house team studies the list of homeowner information and starts calling people to find the ones who would be interested in listing their property.

Step #3

You list the property and close the sale!

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Maximize Your Market Presence with Calls that Count.

Let us show you how it works!

With our state-of-the-art technology and hundreds of advanced filters, we specialize in identifying potential sellers in your area. As a realtor, if you’re handling around 30 transactions annually and looking to enhance your prospecting effectiveness, we invite you to experience our method firsthand.

Join us for a no-cost, no-commitment demonstration and see for yourself. Our confidence in our service extends to a full money-back guarantee, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your business needs

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