We want you to Meet the call team at REALQualified

We value transparency and human connection, so what better way for you to get to know the amazing staff making the connections on your behalf.



I’m Melanie! My passion lies in connecting with potential clients, uncovering their needs, and turning conversations into valuable business opportunities. I’m excited to continue my journey as a caller for our organization, connecting our clients with REAL prospects and creating inventory in every market across North America!



Hey there, I’m Chelsea! When I’m not working, you’ll find me grooving to music and hitting the dance floor. With a passion for customer service and a talent for handling tricky situations, I’m here to make every client interaction a positive one. What I love most about REALQualified? Our commitment to success and the awesome team spirit. Let’s rock it together!


Hello! I’m Jenna, your go-to person at REALQualified. As the overseer of all client accounts, I ensure top-notch results and seamless experiences. With a background in leadership, I bring a knack for problem-solving and a personal touch to every interaction. Organized and approachable, I’m here to address any questions or concerns you may have. RealQualified isn’t just a company to me; it’s where I thrive and love what I do.



Hi there! I’m Chelsey, and I’m proud to be part of the REALQualified team. With a background in front line customer service, I’ve found my passion in uncovering specific needs and connecting with clients. I’m outgoing, bubbly, and love engaging in conversations, especially when I’m hitting the phones to make meaningful connections. What I love most about working here at REALQualified is the dynamic environment that encourages innovation and values every idea. Joining this team has been an incredible journey, and I’m excited for what the future holds!



I’m Emily – nice to meet you! I bring a wealth of experience in the real estate industry, backed by a background in sales that spans over 10 years. Known for my innate ability to connect with people, I thrive on making others happy and providing the precise services people require. With a genuine passion for understanding clients’ needs, I excel in forging lasting relationships, ensuring each interaction leaves a positive impact. My dedication to delivering exceptional service, coupled with my empathetic approach, makes me a trusted ally for our clients at REALQualified!



Hi! I’m Catherine, one of the Client Success Representatives at REALQualified! It’s my simple belief that human connection is the lifeblood of the real estate business. Building rapport through cold calling using tonality, effective scripts, actively listening, and strong communication, I strive to create high quality opportunities and connections for my clients. Whether it is through a high quality appointment to generate a listing this week, or a solid prospect nurture that will mature into a listing in 6 months time, it’s my goal to not only feed your real estate pipeline with connections today, but also to cumulatively add to your book of business for years to come. When I’m not making calls, you can find my binge watching mystery documentaries, travelling with my husband (most recently, southern Italy! If you need a restaurant or vineyard recommendation, let me know…) or cozied up on the couch with our cat Cheddar.



Hi there! My name is Esther. I grew up with four brothers, so I learned very quickly in life to “speak up” in order to be heard! In my early life, I was trained as a nurse, but my biggest and most valuable job was staying at home and raising my three precious children. Later in life I had the privilege of returning to school and acquiring a diploma in Office Administration, all of which enables me to communicate with people effectively, finding out their true needs and converting cold calls into listings for our clients!



I’m Destiny, and I have the gift of the gab. With years of experience in client services, I excel at talking to people, empathizing with their needs, and making meaningful connections. I love interacting with others and am motivated by the opportunity to provide top-notch service. What sets REALQualified apart for me is our shared commitment to success. Here, we’re equipped with the tools and support to achieve the best results for our clients. It’s an environment where excellence is encouraged, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

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