We Turn 30 Days into 30 Minutes

Obscurity is the #1 reason companies don’t survive. Getting your product or service into the marketplace quickly and maintaining marketshare is critical in maintaining your business’ top-line revenue.

Are you getting your product into the hands of the consumer fast enough? What if your sales cycle could be reduced 10x?

360 analysis


Before we can determine where your current process needs to improve in order to decrease your sales cycle and increase close rate, we need to do a deeper dive through Call Analysis, Script & Presentation Script Review.

Script & Process Creation


Once we have identified problem areas, we will do a complete overhaul of your Sales Scripts, Presentation Scripts, and Call Structure. We will create and produce new scripts, including first call scripts, follow-up strategies, presentation booking scripts, presentation scripts, objection handling scripts and more.

Training & Implementation


What good is a brand new process if your team isn’t effectively implementing the process? We will keep your team on track.

What Our Clients Say

We’ve trained hundreds of people for sales success. Here are just a few testimonials.

Through their guidance, I achieved amazing results as a salesman and business professional. He is directly responsible for my promotion and my personal development. His skills in managing, assessing the sale, client management, retention, and closing the deal are unprecedented!
Braeden M.
Kensington Tours
Where do I even begin? Andrew is not only an amazing salesperson, and an amazing leader, he's also [become] an incredible friend.

When I first began my training with Andrew, I wasn't a tenth of the sales person I am now and through Andrew's help and guidance I was able to go from nearly getting laid off to [being a] a top producer.

I can text or call Andrew at any day and time and I know he will be there to help me. Andrew's faith and patience has been pivotal to my success.
Pedram M.
REALQualified Inc.


For every $1 spent on sales training, companies can expect to see a $7 return.

~ Forbes


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