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Kelly K Review of REALQualified
I have worked with Andrew for over a year and he ask exceeded all of my expectations. Don't be fooled by what other companies promise. REALQualified actually follows through with what they promise!
Kelly K.
Phoenix, AZ
Hans P Review of REALQualified
I signed up for REALQualified because I was looking for an assistant & a better way to follow up with my leads.

After shopping around with 5 different companies, REALQualified was the only one who was consistently following up with me & was consistently calling/emailing/texting me once a week for a whole month!

While the other companies went cold, they were the only ones who stayed put which is exactly the type of follow-up I want for my leads. My advice to other agents, take the plunge & get set up right away.
Hans P.
Real Estate Agent, EXP REALTY
Chris P Review of REALQualified
I’ve been working with REALQualified for several months. They have adapted their procedures to suit what I am looking for and is actively scrubbing all of our website leads. They are very responsive and the feedback I’ve received from their efforts have helped me refine my marketing strategies.

This service is invaluable. I do not want to call leads to find the good ones, nor do I have the time to. As a broker, it is also the perfect service to offer my agents. I provide high quality, qualified leads to them and charge a higher brokerage split as a result. They are happy because they are selling and I’m happy because the brokerage is profitable.

I should also mention this is the 4th company I’ve attempted to use for this service. The previous three fell short, but now I feel like I have a reliable partner.

REALQualified has been excellent, I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Chris P.
Broker/Owner, HaliPad Real Estate Inc.
Tina P Review of REALQualified
After a year of Silas following up with me to get my business and keeping his word every time, I thought if he can do that for my business, sign me up.

I’m an instant communicator and really appreciate the quick responses I get from Silas any time I have questions or need info. Always responsive, helpful and effective.

The friendly, knowledgeable team paid for themselves almost right away. I especially appreciate the monthly reports I get from them; always keeping me in the loop and helping me maintain an out of control database.
Tina P.
REALTOR® Keller Williams Select Realty

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