Below are reviews and testimonials from clients of REALQualified.

Being in Real Estate for many years, it's refreshing to find a group of people who get results. I can't tell you how many bogus services I have signed up for in the past that did absolutely nothing for me. I told my sales rep on the phone about my hesitancy to move forward but with assurance, decided that they felt different. I'm glad I did. These guys are awesome.
I was hearing a lot of buzz around cold calling to acquire listing appointments. I wanted to try it but didn’t really have the time so I looked into a few ISA company’s and eventually landed on Real Qualified. My account manager, Nick Maziteli, walked me through the entire program and helped me chose a package. It was a little more expensive than I had originally budgeted for but after a month or so I began receiving appointments. I like them because unlike typical lead gen services, they actually take the time with speak to people and make sure their motivated. My terms up in a month and at this rate I’ll be renewing. Thanks again Nick
REALQualified is led by an individual that has gotten proven results in a market where it is hard to find companies that truly add value and treat their team and customers right. Every time I've worked with Andrew and his team, not only have they delivered, but they have always exceeded my expectations. Trust is very important to me, especially when my livelihood is involved, and I trust Andrew and his team completely. Keep rocking it guys! Thanks for everything.
Sales is a contact sport, and these guys understand that. The team at RQ made it easy for us to make new connections in our community. The co-founders Andrew & Silas are extremely gifted at what they do, I'm glad to have their team following up with homeowners in our farm area. I couldn't recommend these guys enough, they are a solid team. Excited to see what the future holds for them.
Any veteran real estate agent will tell you that your sphere of influence and relationships are your income. I was never able to properly follow up with my contacts and RQ helped me solve that!! I have been working with the RQ team for just over a year now and have closed 4 deals attributed to their services (I am in Toronto, so that is a very healthy commission). But what I love most about working with the team is their genuine real estate knowledge and back to basics approach. These guys know the business and aren't throwing latest marketing buzzwords or fads your way. Relationships, referrals and keeping my contacts engaged is the foundation of my business, so glad to find a partner that understands that!

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