North America Based Lead Follow-up

You have new leads. You have fresh opportunities. You have referrals. You have current clients. You have follow-up calls. You have a personal life! We all know we should be following-up with our database more often (and more personally than the email drip campaign we’re all guilty of using). That’s what REALQualified will do for you.

We will call your database at a frequency of your choosing and set you REALQualfied appointments! Let us do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!



There are thousands of lead generation methods around. What makes us different? Book a call to find out! What do you have to lose?

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Here’s the bottom line: we are the best at what we do. Why? Because we live it. As a team who trains every morning, we are a first hand testimonial of the effects of consistently training your team. 

Forbes says for every $1 spent on sales training, companies can expect a $7 return. According to the same article, 55% of all salespeople lack the basic skills required to meet their quota. Can your team handle more sales? Can your team handle a daily training regimen? Call us.

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